Grove Athletic JFC Rain Jacket - 100087.700

Includes: 1x Embroidered Heat Pressed Club Badge 1x Printed Sponsor Logo 1x Printed Initials

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Joma Size Guide


4-6             Chest Size: 24/26”      Waist: 20/22”
8=10 Chest Size: 28/30” Waist: 24-26”
12=14 Chest Size: 30/32” Waist: 26/28”
XS                        Chest Size: 32/34”      Waist: 28/30”


S                           Chest Size: 36/38”     Waist: 30/32”
M Chest Size: 38/40” Waist: 32/34”
L Chest Size: 40/42” Waist: 34/36”
XL Chest Size: 42/44” Waist: 36/38”
2XL Chest Size: 44/46” Waist: 38/40”
3XL                      Chest Size: 46/48”      Waist: 40/42”

Please Note 

  1. All sizes given are for an average size, this should not be used as an accurate guide.

  2. Although measurements are given, some products will vary due to slim fit products.

  3. Please take into consideration that not all children the same age, are the same height and shape, so ages should not be used when ordering.